Lisette Sport Bottoms

Lisette Sport bottoms are made in Canada from a rayon poly fabric. Their unique pull up design has no closures, yet controls your tummy and enhances your back side. They are avilable in approximately 20 colors, and come in 9 different lengths; from skorts, shorts, capris, ankle pants, and a full 33 inch inseam length pant. Look at the retail line to see all the options.

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2015 line sheet combinations
2014 retail line
2014 colors

article from the Ottawa Citizen on the success of Lisette

Second time on Oprah's Magazine cover!

                                                               Oprah in Lisette

Lisette decided to take advantage of the success of their retail line and change the name of the Golf Line to Lisette Sport. There were also a few changes to the bottoms themselves. We switched to a twisted two ply yarn, added belt loops around the entire waist band of the pants, and removed the left rear pocket. We changed the elastic in the corner of the front pocket to match the color or pattern of the pant, and lastly removed the ball marker. It makes for a dressier pant, and allows the pant to be worn other places besides the golf course.

18" skorts, 10.5" shorts, and a full length 13.5" bermuda

19" capris and 24" peddle pushers

Ankle, 31" and 33" inseam length pants are available 

          From top left the styles are skort, short, capri, capri, peddle pusher, and ankle pant
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